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1. DataSmiths Evolution© application

Our flagship product provides an alternate User Interface for Microsoft Excel that increases user productivity by some 75% (requires Excel 2000, Excel XP [2002], Excel 2003 or higher - further upgrades to better support later Excel Versions may be available as Microsoft releases them – please check back for announcements after any new Microsoft Excel Version release and see our Note On Excel 2007. There are 21 configurations included that support the 3 above Excel versions and the 7 standard screen resolutions (from 800 x 600 through 1,600 x 1,280). Our Installation program will automatically install the correct version (while allowing manual over-rides) and our integrated User Guide will assist users in optimizing their configuration as well as learning their new user interface. Click to view the Minimum Requirements recommended for the best use of this product.

Number of Users * Price (US $)
  1 $49.95
  2-10 $44.95 each
  11-50 $40.95 each
  51-100 $36.95 each
  101-1,000 $32.95 each
  More than 1,000 - Contact Us for details

DataSmiths Evolution application

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    * = A separate License is required for each simultaneous User

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2. DataSmiths Fixed Assets System (vs. 3.3).xls
The DataSmiths Fixed Assets System (DFAS) is a Microsoft Excel-based solution designed to meet the fundamental Fixed Assets accounting and control needs of organizations whose depreciation policies are not influenced by tax or reimbursement regulations that encourage accelerated depreciation methods. As such, while it may be of interest to a wider audience who understand its intended use (and limitations in this regard), it is expected that not-for-profit and governmental organizations will be DFAS's primary users. With this targeted audience, the DFAS has no need to deploy the more complicated accelerated depreciation methods and their attendant needs for both "Book" and "Taxable" depreciation records. Instead, because we are able to focus solely on the use of the Straight-Line Depreciation method, we can economically deliver a simple yet full-featured Fixed Assets system for far less than comparable products. In implementing the Straight-Line Depreciation method, we have adopted the "Mid-Year convention" which assumes that all assets are placed in service (and retired) at the mid-point of the year of acquisition (or retirement), regardless of the actual date placed in (or removed from) service. As such, this method provides for recording a half-year's depreciation for both the year placed in service and the year the asset is retired (or the final year of it's Useful Life). Features include: a) support for both Calendar Year End (December 31st) and Fiscal Year End organizations; b) Department-level Depreciation and Asset Accounting; c) integrated provision and Reporting for Asset Disposals; and d) as a precaution against things that "go bump in the night", the master file is automatically backed up when it is opened.  The DFAS is compatible with Excel PC versions 2000 - 2007.
DataSmiths Fixed Assets System (vs. 3.3).xls $59.95 each
3. DataSmiths Capital Budgeting Solution.xls
Our DataSmiths Capital Budgeting Solution provides a comprehensive solution to any organization's Capital Budgeting needs, including a powerful combination of Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return calculations (both refined for accuracy) that allows for the computation of the Rate of Return for capital investments and their associated cash flows that are either regular or irregular in their timing. The intended use is to help evaluate (and rank) the rate of return that specific capital investments will generate over their estimated useful lives based on their associated cash flows within the context of an organization's Capital Budget. Such analyses allow users to determine, for example, that a $100,000 investment in an asset with a 5 year useful life and a payback of 2 years generates a 41% Rate of Return at a Discount Rate of 6%.  Recognizing that the widely-used Internal Rate of Return (IRR) function suffers from both a couple of flaws and limitations, the DataSmiths Capital Budgeting Solution provides: a) a comprehensive review of Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return formulas (NPV, XNPV, IRR, XIRR, MIRR and the custom XMIRR function), their syntax, strengths and limitations; b) a discussion of appropriate Discount and Re-Investment rates; c) quick What-If analyses for both Regular (periodic) Cash Flows and the Irregular Cash Flows likely to result from a full-fledged project feasibility study; and d) a pro forma capital budgeting model that allows for modeling of a given project's full cash flows including revenues, fixed and variable expenses (including depreciation and tax consequences), provisions for impact on working capital at project inception and the return of working capital and salvage values at the end of the project's useful life - this tool will guide users in developing both an accurate project Payback and summary cash flows whose results are then linked and evaluated with the aforementioned Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return criteria.  This is a robust tool for helping to rank and choose from competing capital proposals in a limited resource environment.
DataSmiths Capital Budgeting Solution.xls $29.95 each
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